About Us

About Us

Italian Wine Importers are a leading importer of Italian wines to Australia and was born by our two founders, Alan and Carolyna’s, passion for Italy and finding really good quality wines at affordable prices, made by families who produce genuine quality wines.

Alan and Carolyna first discovered Montalcino in Tuscany over 20 years ago and have travelled there every year to enjoy the wonderful wines of Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino. It was their desire to purchase authentic artisanal wines which drove them to start their business of importing these local hand-made wines they had discovered into Australia.

Today they have six Brunello producers in their portfolio from all of the zones of Montalcino as well as wines from many traditional excellent wine-making areas within Italy.

They have travelled extensively throughout Italy, to sit and talk with family producers to feel their passion, to see and feel the dirt below their nails and understand how the wines are made.

The wines they have selected, to bring to Australia, are made by artisan family producers which reflect the terroir (soil and climate) of their area and show the expertise of the winemaking skills.

Many have International rankings and many are just really excellent wines, like the ones you find in bars, restaurants and trattorias throughout Italy. Aren’t we all looking for a fabulous wine, well-made, very drinkable and afforable?

Our business has grown strongly over the last 10 years and Ennio di Marco has now joined as a business partner and we have added some delicious wines from Austria, France and Slovenia to our portfolio.

These have been wines we all love and couldn’t resist adding to our range.

We have been providing wines to Australia’s top restaurants, wine bars and boutique wine shops for the past 10 years and now can offer these to private clients at very competitive prices.


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